As discussed on whatever booking site you found us on, we have two neighboring cabins with very nice, year-round tenants.  Here are some helpful hints to maintain your agreement with me to be a good neighbor:

  • Chris and his two dogs, Pink and Floyd, live in the fenced-in cabin. He is a good guy and works night.  Occasionally the dogs are in his yard (behind the fence) and bark until they get used to you hanging on the patio. They are good dogs and do calm down, but it takes them time to adjust. Please don’t be loud on the patio after 10pm.
  • Jim lives in the cabin near the private porch.  He is quiet and seems hard to annoy, as he keeps to himself.
  • the two cabins directly behind the house are unoccupied. In rare, necessary circumstances, park between them. The owner of all those back cabins is hands-off, but I don’t want to take advantage of her property.
  • Your trash should be put in the dumpster. Note that throwing a feature into that dumpster sounds like a dumptruck through a nitro plant, so do this at reasonable hours.
  • always park on our paver/cobblestone driveway.  Immediately to the left of the driveway is Jim’s parking spot.