Check In

You should have received an email detailing your door code for your stay. Other important details.

  • The address is 125 Main Street, Dennis Port, MA 02639. (This is important because is there is a125 Main St in Dennis as well).
  • The driveway is around the back. The entry to the driveway is to the left of the cabin next to the house on the street. This is harder to explain than to actually execute. Just note that we share the driveway and as you pull around the back you’ll see our driveway as a paver/cobblestone driveway long the fence. You can put 4 cars on the driveway, please stay on the driveway. If you have additional cars, give me a call and we can discuss how to resolve.
  • The door is programmed with the last 4 digits of your booking phone number. That will be your entry code for your stay. (for some stays, you may be sent a different code).
  • The house has one security camera. It is on the counter in the kitchen, next to the stove. It is in plain site for a reason: you should unplug it during your entire stay. BUT YOU MUST PLUG IT BACK IN WHEN YOU LEAVE. In a way, this is your “check-in” and “check out”.
  • Because the central air hasn’t been finalized yet, I’ve purchased and installed window units (one large one that cools the entire downstairs very well, and one in each bedroom upstairs). Please use them responsibly.
  • my cell is 857-234-1512. Reach out if you need anything.